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Re: Mandatory support for -nocheck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS

Kurt Roeckx wrote:
> Atleast some packages now don't run the testsuite when
> Are there any other reasons why testsuites shouldn't be run?

Speed, and wanting to build a package even if its test suite is broken,
I guess.

Neil Williams wrote:
> There needs to be some agreement on what nocheck or notest means and
> which one to use. For Emdebian needs, whichever name is used, the
> imperative is that setting that DEB_BUILD_OPTION *must* completely
> prevent the execution of any compiled program within any test suite
> provided by upstream.

Disabling such test suites in a cross compilation environment, as Kurt
suggests, seems to me to make more sense that making notest really mean

> The only checks or tests that can be implemented
> outside nocheck|notest must only use system binaries from coreutils,
> binutils-multiarch or one of the gcc binaries.

Is there some reason they can't use other system binaries, such as perl?
(I'm thinking of the hundreds of perl packages that have test suites.)

see shy jo

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