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Re: Bits from the Security Team

pe, 2007-10-19 kello 18:29 +0200, Adrian von Bidder kirjoitti:
> Seriously:  I think exactly this kind of "not really much new stuff going 
> on, but here's what we're continuing to do" kind of information should be 
> more visible, because it, too, is valuable information to somebody who is 
> not involved tightly in the Debian teams.

Aye. In many corporations, a weekly or monthly status report is required
from employees. I don't think we want to make it a requirement, but I do
think the "Bits from" mails are a great thing, and getting them, say,
monthly would be very nice, even if they just say "business as usual,
Steve still likes pies". So please take this as encouragement if you're
thinking about whether you or your team should send more of them. :)

I appreciate that writing such mails takes effort. That's one of the
reasons I don't think we can or should require them, but even
lightweight ones are useful.

You need fewer comments, if you choose your names carefully.

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