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Bits from the Security Team

Hi everybody,

Allow me to point out the message at 
which is really a Bits from the Security Team.

Why is - once again - a message that I'd consider appropriate for d-d, or 
perhaps even d-d-a (though I admit that the real information content is not 
extremely high.  But still, it is information that Steve is active and 
outlines some of the problems and ways how people can help) hidden on a 
blog?  Ok, not that hidden, it's on planet, but still.  Fragmentation of 
Debian's communication infrastructure is something that seriously disturbs 
me because people being aware what the other people are doing is a big part 
of what defines a community.  Next we're supposed to read, in addition to 
mailing lists, planet and IRC twitter, have an account on Debian's (yet to 
be created) open source xing clone and tune in to our SAT network radio 
channel which will be relayed through open source firmware modification in 
Iridium satellites, creating screams of anguish from the single but 
important developer living at the south pole where Iridium has no coverage.

You get the picture, I'm sure :-)

(Apologies if I'm just too quick and Steve posted his Bits to d-d or d-d-a 
but the mail just hasn't reached me or the mail archives yet.)

-- vbi

[cc:s appreciated, eve though replies may not strictly be necessary]

Oh, so you mean that we can both get a more secure system, *and* make
emacs stop working?  A win-win situation! =)
        -- David Weinehall on lkml

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