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Re: Bits from the Security Team

On Fri Oct 19, 2007 at 17:36:21 +0200, Adrian von Bidder wrote:

> Allow me to point out the message at 
> <http://blog.steve.org.uk/articles/2007/10/19/as-i-move-on-through-the-year> 
> which is really a Bits from the Security Team.
> Why is - once again - a message that I'd consider appropriate for d-d, or 
> perhaps even d-d-a (though I admit that the real information content is not 
> extremely high.  But still, it is information that Steve is active and 
> outlines some of the problems and ways how people can help) hidden on a 
> blog? 

  I don't believe that post contains significant new information,
 (except that I like pies!), and as such I didn't believe it deserved
 massive visibility.
  To be honest I'm a little disappointed that you chose to complain
 here about that, rather than commenting/mailing me personally.

> (Apologies if I'm just too quick and Steve posted his Bits to d-d or d-d-a 
> but the mail just hasn't reached me or the mail archives yet.)

  It hasn't been posted elsewhere.

  I'm happy to write more, later, and post to the devel-announc list,
 once I've got a chance to do so.  But even so the content would be
 largely known, and largely un-newsworthy.

  And to reiterate things slightly; If there were something that
 users/developers are supposed to know then it shouldn't be posted to just
 a random blog.  
  It should go to the development/announcement lists.  I don't believe I'm
 guilty of that here, and I don't believe anybody else has been guilty of
 that recently.
  (ie. I agree.  Fragmentation is something to be avoided).


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