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Re: Bits from the Security Team

On Friday 19 October 2007 17.52:29 Steve Kemp wrote:

>   I don't believe that post contains significant new information,
>  (except that I like pies!), and as such I didn't believe it deserved
>  massive visibility.

That you like pies is important.

Seriously:  I think exactly this kind of "not really much new stuff going 
on, but here's what we're continuing to do" kind of information should be 
more visible, because it, too, is valuable information to somebody who is 
not involved tightly in the Debian teams.  To the insider, it's obviously 
not important as they key people keep in touch anyway.  Though in the 
specific case of the security team, the flow of security updates is an 
indication that the team is working (and I didn't want to imply that I felt 
the team was not working anyway!), so maybe your judgement was better than 
mine - it's not a case of wrong vs. right anyway.

>   To be honest I'm a little disappointed that you chose to complain
>  here about that, rather than commenting/mailing me personally.

Could've cc:ed you at least.  Apologies.

-- vbi

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