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Re: Firefox bugs mass-closed.

>   Also node that many bugs are sometimes hard to reproduce, because you
> need a very specific environment that the maintainer not always have
> (e.g. the issue I have is that as a glibc maintainer, I've no large
> enough and used pam-ldap or NIS setups, and we have some bugs that rot
> because I don't have either the time or the resource to test them
> properly).

I have no problem with the maintainer (a human being) asking me to do
something sensible about my bug report, such as confirming that the
bug still happens with the version in experimental, testing on a setup
he doesn't have access to, producing a backtrace, running random
commands on my system (as long as I understand what they do) etc.

What Joey and I are specifically complaining about are three bugs that
we have described in enough detail and that are trivial to reproduce.
The maintainer did not send us personal mail asking for help; he sent
us an automated mass mailing threatening to discard our perfectly
valid reports unless we take some arbitrary action.

This is clearly not the case that you are describing.


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