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Re: Firefox bugs mass-closed.

On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 08:36:51PM +0000, Joey Hess wrote:
> Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> >   Now that the BTS has versionning, one can use the last version with
> > the bug marked as "found" to know if the ping is necessary or not. If
> > it's a BTS feature (and not done by the maintainer themselves) that
> > would be, say, 2 mails a year (if those are triggered every 6 months
> > without activity on the bug), IFF there has been a new upstream (aka
> > debian revision uploads assume that if the bug isn't closed the bug is
> > still here and the submitter won't get pinged).
> I have 524 open bug reports that I filed in the Debian BTS. What
> percentage of these are you suggesting I be pinged for on a yearly
> basis? Doesn't this tend to send the message that a bug submitter's time
> is less valuable than the package maintainer's time? Is this really a
> message we want to send to exactly the people who tend to file lots of
> bugs?

  How many are not alive (meaning that nothing changed from the
maintainer or submitter -aka you- side ? in 6 months ?), and how many
are on packages that have a new release since ?

  And no the message is that for most of the bug submitters (one should
get some stats to be sure, but I would be surprised that DD and jidanni
take aside, most of the submitters have less than 10 bugs that match
such criteria) have few bugs to deal with on their end. It works in a
distributed way. In a team with thousands of bug, the maintainer is
definitely the single point of failure. So if additionally to the bugs
he already watch specifically, he can get say some dozens closed thanks
to that, or some dozens which get marked as 'found in the latest
upstream' release again, I see that as a win/win scenario.

  Also node that many bugs are sometimes hard to reproduce, because you
need a very specific environment that the maintainer not always have
(e.g. the issue I have is that as a glibc maintainer, I've no large
enough and used pam-ldap or NIS setups, and we have some bugs that rot
because I don't have either the time or the resource to test them
properly). Asking *kindly* some help from the submiter, once or twice a
day, is not an insult. And if you don't feel like helping, you can
discard these one or two mails away.

  And hopefully, less than a dozen submitters will fell cranky about it.

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