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Re: Firefox bugs mass-closed.

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Now that the BTS has versionning, one can use the last version with
> the bug marked as "found" to know if the ping is necessary or not. If
> it's a BTS feature (and not done by the maintainer themselves) that
> would be, say, 2 mails a year (if those are triggered every 6 months
> without activity on the bug), IFF there has been a new upstream (aka
> debian revision uploads assume that if the bug isn't closed the bug is
> still here and the submitter won't get pinged).

I have 524 open bug reports that I filed in the Debian BTS. What
percentage of these are you suggesting I be pinged for on a yearly
basis? Doesn't this tend to send the message that a bug submitter's time
is less valuable than the package maintainer's time? Is this really a
message we want to send to exactly the people who tend to file lots of

see shy jo

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