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Firefox bugs mass-closed.

Dear all,

I have just received the attached mail.  The relevant bit is at the end:

> As this bug is quite old, I intend to close it if you don't update
> your bug report in the next 6 weeks.

Since this particular bug is trivial to reproduce (ls ~/.mozilla/firefox/),
it would appear that the Firefox maintainers are mass-closing bug
reports without even checking what they are about.

While I realise that it is sometimes difficult to deal with hundreds
of old bug reports, there are other ways of dealing with this kind of
issue, such as tagging old bugs when they lack submitter input, or at
least going through old reports to check whether the information they
contain is useful.

I certainly did not expect this kind of approach from Debian.

I would like to recommend


which succintly summarises the impression this kind of action gives.

Thank you for your attention,

                                        Juliusz Chroboczek

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Dear Firefox/Iceweasel user,

Thanks for your interest in Firefox/Iceweasel and the bug report you have contributed.

Your bug report [0] was done for a version which isn't a part of debian anymore. Debian 4.0 (Etch) was released with version

Please reproduce your bug on an updated version of Iceweasel and confirm it 
still exists, or close it as irrelevant for recent versions. 

If you don't know or are not sure how to update or close your bug report, 
please contact me directly, and I'll help you.

IMPORTANT: In any case, please provide version info, as we use it to determine 
the relevance of the bug.

As this bug is quite old, I intend to close it if you don't update your bug 
report in the next 6 weeks.

This is the time line for the old bugs cleanup:
1. October 1st - first notice.
2. October 15th - Second notice.
3. October 29th - Third notice.
4. November 12th - Closing the bug.

Please help the Firefox/Iceweasel maintainer to help you (:

[0] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=279104

Lior Kaplan

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