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Re: Firefox bugs mass-closed.

>> Since this particular bug is trivial to reproduce (ls
>> ~/.mozilla/firefox/), it would appear that the Firefox maintainers
>> are mass-closing bug reports without even checking what they are
>> about.

> Considering that the message which has been sent to you does not close
> the bug, nor does it do anything but request the submitter or those
> who have seen the bug to replicate it, it's perfectly reasonable.

They are requiring me (the submitter) to take explicit action just to
make sure that an easy to reproduce and perfectly current bug report
is not closed.  This is reasonable?

> feel free to jump in and help triage.

I am already actively helping with those projects for which I know the
upstream code intimately.  I don't expect to be required to actively
participate in all of the Debian packaging efforts I submit bug reports


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