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Re: Firefox bugs mass-closed.

On Monday 1 October 2007 22:36, Joey Hess wrote:
> Doesn't this tend to send the message that a bug submitter's time
> is less valuable than the package maintainer's time?

I don't think it does. Their time may be of equivalent value, but the 
submitter has a higher probability of being able to reproduce the bug in a 
shorter time than the maintainer. Since the submitter encountered the bug, he 
has the right setup, system and/or use case. So yes, upon triage it's in 
non-trivial cases probably better to ask the submitter to reproduce than the 

I've sent such "ping" mails to very old bugs aswell, but only if I couldn't 
easily verify the bug in my own setup. That doesn't take a lot of time and 
doesn't bother those submitters whose bugs are obviously still valid. I'd 
advise the Mozilla maintainers to take this middle road.


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