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Re: volatile.debian.org: Does Debian still support it?

[Piotr Roszatycki]
> Even upstream don't ship the Olson database. I'm not conviced that we
> should ship Olson database.
> The Olson database is public domain and it doesn't require to be
> distributed as "real" source.

What upstream does, and whether the upstream license requires source,
are not valid arguments for whether we're meeting the DFSG.  There are
many packages in Debian that have to be altered to comply with the

> I.e. ICU C++ library also doesn't ship Olson database as its original
> format and it is stored as precompiled C++ source files.

You're right.  I'll file bugs on both packages when I get a moment.

> It makes a packaging more complicated and in result we will ship
> different Perl modules than upstream version.

Since we do actually ship the database in the tzdata package, I think
what you should do is provide clear instructions for how to rebuild
your package from source - starting with 'apt-get source tzdata', then
running 'tools/parse_olson' and so forth.  Then add a note to your
copyright file that part of your source code is actually in the tzdata
source package.

If enough packages need to do this same thing, it would make sense for
tzdata to ship a tzdata-source binary package to be build-depended on.
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