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Re: modified email address in debian/copyright file

to, 2007-09-27 kello 10:21 +1000, Ben Finney kirjoitti:
> Jon Dowland <lists@alcopop.org> writes:
> > However if an upstream author of a package wishes to conceal their
> > address, I think we should honour that.
> This is at odds with "always have correct contact information for the
> copyright holder at the time of packaging", which I think Debian
> should strive to achieve for the sake of its users.

I'm afraid I have to disagree with that. Obfuscation which can easily be
reversed by a human, but not so easily by a computer, does not render
contact information incorrect. If I write my e-mail address as follows,
it's still correct: "My full name is Lars Ivar Wirzenius, and you can
send me e-mail by taking my initials and putting them in front of the at
sign and iki.fi after it."

Mind you, I don't like obfuscation, and I think it's a nuisance myself,
but we shouldn't violate people's wish to try to avoid spam by
publishing their addresses in un-obfuscated form. That only makes people
angry at us for little or no benefit, since there are no situations when
we want to automatically send e-mails to upstream developers anyway.

> The only way to honour "conceal their address" at the same time as the
> above is to not distribute the package at all. I don't think that's a
> good solution.

I don't think there is any requirement to have any upstream contact
information whatsoever in order to be able to distribute a package.

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