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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

Tim Hull wrote:
>    * Making laptop frequency scaling/suspend/etc work "out of the box" when
>    Laptop task is installed

I'm sad that this didn't get fixed in time for etch, but afaik it's
working fine for lenny. cpufrequtils contains an init script that loads
the appropriate governor module.

>    * Installing all (free) codecs that are commonly used by default in the
>    Desktop task (FAAC is one that comes to mind as one that could be added,
>    as it is in main now)

The only faac I see in debian is libfaac0 which is described as a MEPG-4

The desktop task includes gstreamer codecs, it's also recently had
gnome-app-install added to it, which is supposed to handle installing
codecs on demand.

>    * Simplifying debian-installer for new users (this could include by
>    streamlining the steps as well as having an Ubuntu-like 1-CD live
>    installer)

The d-i team is constantly working on simplifying debian-installer. Just
compare a sarge install with an etch install..

The debian-live team already has working live installation CDs that use

see shy jo

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