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Re: APT 0.7 for sid

> upgrade path for two releases now, with its Recommends: handling being a
> major reason for this.  I'd be surprised if there weren't at least *some*
> users switching to it as a result.

Developer users probably. The ones that resist are more non-developer
users. I'm constantly being annoyed at work with so-called systems
administrators pinging /me about "my Debian box upgrades badly" which
is nearly always the consequence of the use of apt-get for upgrades.

And I can definitely confitm that, when one just answers "read the
bloody release notes and learn about aptitude", the surprise is often
very high when people discover that the recommended tool is aptitude
and not apt-get.

There are so many examples all around the web with various apt-get
calls and pretty few with aptitude. In these days where googling
becomes a synonym of "read the documentation", it hurts badly.

Another widely misunderstood feature of aptitude is the ability to
handle packages installed as dependencies. It's pretty often badly
understoood and leads to horror stories floating around of "aptitude
wants to remove half of the system" while the issue is just the user
not understanding the documentation that explains how to switch
properly from apt-get to aptitude.

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