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APT 0.7 for sid

Dear Friends,

I plan to do an apt 0.7.2 upload for sid this weekend. It's a big merge
of the version in debian/experimental and the version in Ubuntu. 

It will break the ABI, so all packages that depend on libapt will need
a rebuild against this version (so expect a bit of a transition until
everything is rebuild). It should be straightfoward, I will do uploads
for synaptic and python-apt, I hope that the other depends follow
quickly (I will be happy to do NMUs if someone asks me about it).

The big new stuff is:
- translated package descriptions (finally!) - thanks to all the people
  who made this possible (otavio, grisu and the ones that I forgot)
- support for the new dpkg "Breaks" field (thanks to Ian Jackson for
  his work on this)
- apt-https support (based on libcurl)
- automatic removal of unused dependencies moved into libapt so that 
  applications like synaptic, python-apt, update-manger etc directly 
  benefit from it. A HUGE thanks to Daniel Burrows (one of my personal 
  heros) for his work on this feature.
- automatic installation of recommends like aptitude
- support for unattended installing security upgrades (via the
  unattended-upgrades package and the apt cronjob)

Plus bug fixes and translation updates.

I also asked for a project on alioth for apt so that we can have a
shared bzr repository for the current debian versions. This way
e.g. Christian Perrier can commit his very valuable i18n updates
directly to the repository. I also hope that more people can get
access so that the load is a bit more shared. My day-job keeps me
pretty busy so I'm not as responsive to bugs or feature requests as I
would like to (my apologizes for this). 

I would like to move to sha256 authentication internally in the short
term. I would also love to find a way in the future to interface with
the aptitude dependency problem resolver (that is superiour to the one
in libapt).


P.S. My bzr repository is at: http://people.debian.org/~mvo/bzr/apt/

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