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Re: APT 0.7 for sid

Michael Vogt wrote:
> - support for the new dpkg "Breaks" field (thanks to Ian Jackson for
>   his work on this)

Although dpkg still doesn't have Breaks support, so we still can't use
it, AFAIK..

> - automatic installation of recommends like aptitude

I want to check how this will affect d-i. The Recommends tree is still
fairly hairy/unrefined and can result in a lot of crud being pulled in.
(See #388290. Though having them installed by default would certianly
add pressure to fix the bogus ones.) 

Two scenarios I'm interested in:

1. If tasksel runs aptitude --without-recommends, will that be enough to 
   avoid recommends still, or will an additonal flag now be needed?
2. Will the many parts of d-i that run apt-get -y install <foo> need to
   be changed to pass some sort of flag to avoid pulling in recommends?

see shy jo

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