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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.

Hi, Jose

What about maintainer/developer-friendly thing?

That'd be great.

I think, the more recent is the supported software, and the more LSB-compliant is the base, the less extraordinary work for developers and less concern for end users. This dosen't conflict with either philosophy here.

I mean, you want that us
change all our infrastructure

I think the LSB-compliance and reasonably short (or reasonably long) release cycle are inevitable goals. The sooner achieved (naturally), the better.

We discussed here, that "backports" is the best thing to start with in order to deliver recent desktop software to the end user, so it "just" needs an official approval and support.

Those are the direct infrastructure changes that it is being spoken about. This is not anything that would "ruin Debian into chaos" ;-)

Next thing, quite utopistic one but inevitable in long terms, should be the common infrastructure for bug reporting, so that users would report bugs easily, and the developers would not need to interchange the bug data between users and upstream, but upstream would get them directly instead. This is just an idea, however some beginning of that is being worked on there in Canonical, AFAIK.

, but then he gives you as solution to
change one line and exec one command and you think that's not
user-friendly? There's no magical ways to do this

If the option was only obvious, advertised and easily found and done by ordinary end user, without risk of breaking deps..


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