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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.


And as others have pointed out, the purpose of stable is to minimize
disruptions. For many users, living with known bugs with known workarounds
is a *lot* better than identifying new bugs.

Yeas. Let the choice to the user. Don't dictate him. Whoever wants to use the old software w/o change, let be it. Whoever wants the new one, noticed about the risks, let's give him an official and supported way to do it.

For one thing, it's not just Iceweasel, it's all
the plugins and extensions that might be in use, *and* any external
software or libraries that those extensions use.

AFAIK, all Mozilla's programs take care about plugins their own way and offer upgrades automatically. I don't have enough technical background to opose You at the Debian packages level however, You're knowledge could be better than mine.

 Not to mention all the
other software that uses iceweasel libraries.

Is there any?

Additionally, any internal
webapps have to be validated against the new iceweasel. Internal macros
need to be validated against the new OO.org.It's a lot of work.

Yes, for the admins that are willing to deploy the software.
Repeat, I just want the _official_and_supported_way_ to do it. Let the users choose, whether they want to upgrade. Repeat, let there be easy downgrade option for the case things don't work as expected.

Now, that may be of little relevance to the home user. But I know some
such users who also *don't* like upgrades, because they're happy with
what they have and don't need to change. For example, my father-in-law
just this year went from Mac OS9 to OSX, mostly because his hardware
was dying. So he hadn't upgraded in >6 *years*, and didn't feel he was
missing anything. There's quite a few of those people out there.

Not to upgrade, that's perfectely legitimate choice.


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