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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.

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Mgr. Peter Tuharsky escribió:
> Stanislav,
> I see Your point, however this is far from "user-friendliness".
> First solution -use other distro. Wow, what a great idea. Looking at
> statistics and Linux users in neighborhood, You can be _sure_ they
> discovered that way already :-)
> Be also sure, that unwilling to do more for desktop users, Debian will
> not be less, but increasingly more server-oriented distro (I like Debian
> on server!). I like Debian either.

What about maintainer/developer-friendly thing? I mean, you want that us
change all our infrastructure, but then he gives you as solution to
change one line and exec one command and you think that's not
user-friendly? There's no magical ways to do this, if you want newer
packages then use lenny and if you want even more newer use sid. I use
sid because of that and my system is pretty stable.

Jose Luis.
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