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Re: TaskSel proposal (Was: Proposal for a new CDD sub-project: Debian4Business)

Well ... i think you exagerated a little bit.

2 layer is not multiple layer and tasksel is not apt, aptitude or synaptic.

but it can be done.

I'll give you the desktop task example.

there is a team, debian-desktop that "supports" and organizes all desktop tasks.

by this i mean that there should be a team with, for example, apache and zope teams for Web Servers.

like frans pop already said, cdebconf protocol is not ready for multilayer.

The one layer tasksel is exactly to help user to choose one task and not become undecided if will install gnome or kde.

Making things hard, tasksel could be a one layer interface (like it is) with an option for expansion, But i think this would mean that tasksel would be re-written and without using cdebconf's interfaces, which would break d-i, making hard changes in the "new" cdebconf's protocol.

am i right Frans Pop?

Andreas Tille escreveu:
On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Luis Matos wrote:

At least, we could preseed some options, (like debian-med) but that
wouldn't come in tasksel's options, like kde-desktop and xfce-desktop.

IMHO the best solution would be if tasksel would have a two level

    [x] Desktop environment
        [x] Gnome
        [ ] KDE
        [ ] XFCE
          # We could provide more than
# `This task provides basic desktop software and serves as a basis for the
          #  Gnome and KDE desktop tasks.'
# but just the environment the user wants. If nothing of the second
          # level is selected, we go with the current selection list
    [ ] Web Server # perhaps rename to "Web Application Server"
        [x] Apache
        [ ] PHP
        [ ] Zope
          # Probably there are more things users might need on a
          # Machine that serves web applications
    [ ] Print server
    [ ] DNS server
    [ ] File server
        [x] NFS
        [ ] Samba
    [ ] Mail server
        [x] Exim
        [ ] Postfix
# Perhaps we need an exlusively selection feature here because these two
        # conflicts
    [ ] SQL database
        [ ] MySQL
        [ ] PostgreSQL
    [ ] Laptop

---  now comes the new part

    [ ] Custom Debian Distribution
        [ ] Debian-Edu
        [ ] Debian-Jr.
        [ ] Debian-Med

The (random) alternatives given above (and marked randomly)
make clear that the first level is so unspecific that no reasonable
selection can be done, because there are quite common alternatives
in nearly every section and it is not really clear what becomes
installed.  So I would regard this as a necessary enhancement to
tasksel because I always ended up selecting nothing at all when
I installed a new box, because I do not know exactly for instance
what database server get's installed (well, I'm lucky enought
that postgresql-8.1 is my server of choice but I was not sure
whether MySQL is installed in addition, which I do not want nor
MySLQ users would regard this entry useful).

IMHO this multi level selection is a usual feature of modern install
programs (in general) and seems to be absolutely necessary for
me.  This would more or less solve the CDD problem really simple.

Kind regards


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