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Re: TaskSel proposal (Was: Proposal for a new CDD sub-project: Debian4Business)

Frans Pop escreveu:
On Thursday 19 April 2007 14:46, Andreas Tille wrote:
IMHO the best solution would be if tasksel would have a two level

I doubt this is going to happen in the in tasksel. For one thing, its maintainer has quite strong feelings against it.

For another thing, a two-level selection is not that easy to implement using the debconf protocol; and you _have_ to use the debconf protocol for integration with the installer. The only way to implement something two-level currently is the way it was done for the list of all countries in D-I. Note that the presentation for that was changed to a collapsible list in the graphical frontend.
grabbing from here:
1 - i would want that cdd's where instalable trought tasksel.
2 - 2 layer tasks are impossible. Ok. We can live with it.
3 - there are tasks that are only activated trough preseeding. CDDs should have this option.

Also, can we arrange some kind of cdds-pre-selection in d-i?

One page fter tasksel that would have the cdds listed, or previously. Or at least an yes/no question, do you want to install any CDD?

this would make one bad thing. apt would download packages 2 times, but i think that is not that bd.
However, you _can_ use a custom version of tasksel on your CDD with a custom set of tasks as I did for Dzongkha Linux. How that is done is explained here:

Note that support for scanning and swapping multiple CDs during the installation _is_ a D-I goal for Lenny.
that would resolve the "not in the first CD/DVD" problem.

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