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Re: Best scheme for teams and Maintainer/Uploaders fields ?

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 09:42:11AM -0600, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Pierre Habouzit dijo [Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 11:58:49AM +0100]:
> > > Uh? Why? Your maintainer field seems to address this issue. In our
> > > scheme that's would be more a problem, but if the mailing list is
> > > responsive it's enough. Think for example at the debian-release mailing
> > > list: it's a list, but it's really responsive for all packages in the
> > > archive. So IMO not being able to identify a single person is not
> > > necessarily an indicator of unresponsiveness for a given package.
> > 
> >   What he means is that when people are listed automatically as
> > Maitnainer/Uploader, the fact that the package is well maintained may
> > hide that a particular DD do nothing at all, and is in fact MIA.
> > 
> >   Last-action of a DD is computed using many ways, uploads of package
> > where he is in Maintainer/Uploader beeing among them, and it hides real
> > MIAs from the mia tracking scripts, and that's bad, because it prevent
> > good QA work, and generate more and more bitrot.
> Umh... Then, I think the MIA-calculation ways are the broken ones, not
> the team maintainership options. Developer activity should be done
> checking either who signed the package, or at the very least, who's
> name is reported on each of the changelog's entries - But basing it on
> the Uploaders field is just asking for trouble. Team maintainership is
> just a way to make MIA people hurt Debian _less_, not more! :)

  technically that would be mean to a lot of person too. In the KDE
team, there was very few DD once, and the people that signed the
packages is always the same, and not necessarily the one that worked on
it. Moreover, changelogs are not very easy to parse to find who
contributed for real, the [ John Doe ] way is quite used, but it's not
the sole one, and KDE does not uses it e.g. and I would not be surprised
other package groups do not either. So that would be quite unreliable
too ;)

  the problem is less easy that what it seems, and well, doing some
cleansing in Uploaders/Maintainer is the right way. And if someone is
offended to be removed from such a place, then it's that he's not _that_
MIA after all ;)
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