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Best scheme for teams and Maintainer/Uploaders fields ?


I'm a member of the pkg-ruby-extras team. In this team, we use the
following scheme for the Maintainer and Uploaders fields:
  Maintainer: "main responsible person for the package" (ie best contact
  Uploaders: the team mailing list, + all the members of the team
  (auto-generated using a cdbs rule)

This is not optimal:
- this generates very long DDPO pages, with lots of packages people
  don't care about:
- it's difficult to keep track of who is caring for that package (hint:
  QA, MIA, ...)

The perl team, on the other hand, uses the different scheme:
  Maintainer: "main responsible person for the package"
  Uploaders: the team mailing list, + members who actually care for the
  package (who have touched it in the past, for example).

This leads to much shorter and interesting DDPO pages, without any
drawback I can see (the "all packages from the team" DDPO page is still
available using the the team mailing list address).

See also, on the same topic,

Am I missing something ?

Shouldn't this be documented somewhere (developer's reference ?) ?
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