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Re: possible problem with ftp.us.debian.org

Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> writes:

> On Sun, 7 Jan 2007 08:40:17 -0700, "Wesley J. Landaker"
>>Months; I've had to switch 10's of clients to use ftp.debian.org instead 
>>since I've been getting intermittant problems like this with 
>>ftp.us.debian.org since ~ October last year.
> That's why I have a local CNAME debian.debian.zugschlus.de which I try
> to have pointing to a working germany-based mirror most of the time.
> Saves me from updating all clients in case of a mirror failure.

If you have more than a few clients it might be a good idea to have
your own private mirror.  Then, if your upstream mirror has a
temporary problem your private one will be a little bit out of date,
but your clients won't notice.  And your clients will get a faster
response, too.

Regarding load on mirrors: How many clients do you need to put a
similar load on a mirror like a mirror sync?


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