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possible problem with ftp.us.debian.org


Since some time I noticed that after some executions of 'apt-get update' 
I'm getting 'md5sum mismatch errors'.

I've just tracked this thing down.
My apt setup used apt-cacher, whith 3 mirrors configured: ftp.de.deban.org, 
ftp.uk.debian.org and ftp.us.debian.org [probably this is default setup].

And the problem was caused by ftp.us.debian.org entry.
This looks like round-robin dns:

nikita@blacky:~> host ftp.us.debian.org
ftp.us.debian.org has address
ftp.us.debian.org has address
ftp.us.debian.org has address

Out of these 3 IPs, and 
have /debian/dists/testing/Release file dated Jan 06, but 
has the same file dated Jan 02 and with different content.

I don't know if this is a temporary problem ( not updated 
for some reason), or a more permanent problem showing that round-robin dns 
is not a good idea for debian archive mirror (servers do update mirrors at 
different time, so chances are that client requests Release file from one 
server and Packages.bz2 from another server). Looks like later - the 
md5sum mismatch errors started some weeks ago and do happen often here.


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