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Re: woody removed from mirrors

On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 06:15:28PM -0500, Kevin Mark wrote:
> > I am very much informed about the Debian release cycles and the
> > processing. I also know that non-US has been obsoleted by integrating
> > crypto-in-main and i was also participating those discussions. 

> > The problem now is - Where will non-US disappear to ?
> Hi Florian,
> The reason there needed to be 'non-us' was because there were
> political/legal problems that did not allow Debian to put them in the
> desired place, main.

Why are you presuming to tell someone who's been a Debian developer since
2000 about the reasons for non-US's existence?

> So (unless this is incorrect) I would assume that those packages were put
> into 'main', now that the reason is gone.

If you made fewer assumptions, you might be wrong less.

> > Is there an archive.debian.org for non-US e.g. non-US.archive.debian.org?
> As said above, I'd expect them to be in archive.debian.org under 'main'.

> > And the questions about the security.debian.org woody stuff is not about
> > further supporting it but rather the packages currently updateing woody.
> Debian is not updating packages in Woody, its now oldstable. Debian now
> has support for Sarge and will still support Sarge when Etch is released
> but when Lenny is near release Sarge will stop being supported like
> Woody is now (this is based upon a generalized 1 year support).
> -----------------
> now:


Florian asked whether and where the woody packages for non-US and
security.d.o were being archived, he didn't ask for a primer on Debian's
support cycle.  If you don't actually know the answer to the question being
asked (or, apparently, understand the question at all), kindly spare us the
experience of you admiring the sound of your own voice.

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