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Re: Bug#322762: no blocking bugs anymore

On Fri, 05 Jan 2007, Joey Hess wrote:
> The following in base-files's postinst would fix both issues.
> if [ -d /usr/doc ] && [ ! -L /usr/doc ]; then
> 	find /usr/doc -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type l -print0 | xargs -0 rm -f
> 	rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty /usr/doc 2>/dev/null
> fi

Wouldn't just running 

if [ -d /usr/doc ] && [ ! -L /usr/doc ]; then
   rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty /usr/doc; 

in the postinst resolve this issue without having the issues of
removing symlinks that the system administrator placed there on

Granted, if the upgrade was split and basefile's postinst ran before
the other packages, the final cleanup would take another upgrade to go
into effect... but it would avoid mucking with files that don't belong
to basefiles.

Don Armstrong

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