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Re: Bug#322762: no blocking bugs anymore

Santiago Vila wrote:
> Ok, I see. Not dpkg fault. If it helps I can reintroduce /usr/doc in
> base-files in etch ;-)

I'd prefer the rmdir in the postinst, and not doing it only on upgrade,
but unconditionally, and leaving it in for a few releases. That way,
whenever a system finally gets the last /usr/doc symlinks cleaned out,
it will have /usr/doc removed by a base-files upgrade .. eventually.

It's still not uncommon for upgraded systems to have /usr/doc symlinks.
For example, they might have an obsolete sarge package like ipchains

> Well, what I see is that after an upgrade from sarge to etch, the user
> may have an empty /usr/doc. But even in such case, it is not base-files
> business to remove symlinks indiscriminately in /usr/doc, as they
> could be there because the system admin puts them there deliberately
> for whatever reason.

I consider this highly unlikely, to the extent that I'm sure I can find
hundreds of other situations where we make some assumption about the system
that could break if the admin did something similarly unusial.

> BTW: Are we talking about the base-files version in etch, for upgrades
> from sarge, or the one in lenny for upgrades from etch? (or both)
> I could add the rmdir thing for etch, if the release managers think
> we need it. If not, we can leave this to the user.

This isn't an RC issue, so I doubt the release managers want to be
bothered about it. While I'd prefer to see it fixed for etch, if
necessary I can wait one release more.

see shy jo

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