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Re: Bug#322762: no blocking bugs anymore

On Fri, 5 Jan 2007, Joey Hess wrote:

> Santiago Vila wrote:
> > If the user created the symlink, it should be respected as much as
> > anything in /usr/local, for example. If some package forgot to remove
> > it, the buggy package should be fixed.
> It's impossible to fix a buggy package that is no longer in debian, or
> that is no longer installed.

Very true, but for the same reason we should not try to fix something
which does not make so much harm if there is a risk of breaking
something else.

There will always be packages which leave cruft in the system when
installed and then purged, not just symlinks for the doc transition,
but that's not a good reason for base-files to take care of the cruft
they create.

There is a package called "cruft" which searches for "missing and
unexplained files". I think that would be a much better place for the
functionality you have in mind, as anything which is still in /usr/doc
after the /usr/doc transition is certainly unexplained, or at least

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