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Re: db.debian.org (and related infrastructure) updates

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> If your SMTP server is listed in a DNSBL which I told db.debian.org
> to use for my debian.org email and you try to send me a message,
> then master will say "I don't accept this message" to your SMTP
> server, and your SMTP server, in turn, will send you the usual
> mailer-daemon message saying "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender".

This sounds much better.  I was just thinking of occasional emails I
get saying: "Your email sent to <address I have never known of before>
was classified as spam. ..."

> I was comparing the previous scenario with the current one. The risk
> of missing an email because of it being lost inside a very big spam
> folder is now very low. This is one of the reasons rejecting a lot of
> email at SMTP time and filtering the rest (what we can do now) is
> usually better than not rejecting anything at all and trying to "filter"
> everything afterwards.

I agree.


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