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Re: db.debian.org (and related infrastructure) updates

Le samedi 30 décembre 2006 à 05:34 -0800, Ryan Murray a écrit :
> Here's some news on recent db.debian.org changes that are now available:
> The LDAP schema has been updated to include several new fields:
> 	* Date of Birth (developer-only visible)
> 	* Gender (world visible)
> 	* Mail disable message
> 	* Mail greylisting
> 	* Mail sender verification callouts
> 	* Mail whitelist
> 	* Mail RBL list
> 	* Mail RHSBL list
> The exim4 config has been updated to make use of these new fields, giving developers the ability to:
> 	* disable their @debian.org email address entirely with a message of their choosing at SMTP reject time
> 	* specify a whitelist that will be immune to the newly added checks
> 	* enable greylisting and sender verification callouts
> 	* specify RBL and RHSBL lists to be checked at SMTP time

How are RBL/RHSBL handled? Is a host rejected once it matches one of
several RBLs, or all of them?

Same question for greylisting: is it enabled unconditionally, or only
for mails for which callout fails or hosts belonging to RBLs?

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