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Re: db.debian.org (and related infrastructure) updates

On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Michal iha wrote:

> Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> wrote:
> > This list (called CBL for short) has the following properties:
> > [...]
> > * Tries very hard not to list "real" SMTP servers.
> > [...]
> * Almost every time there is at least one SMTP server from each
> freemail (this is especially true for Czech ones, you won't get mail
> from them if using blacklists if you don't whitelist them).

As if those smtp servers were completely innocent. Most probably,
they are sending spam to CBL spamtrap addresses to begin with.

I don't know the algorithm they use to determine that a mail server is
a "real" mail server, but if it has a bug, maybe they would be willing
to know about it.

In the end, this DNSBL issue is something like a compromise between
sender and recipient: If you send me email and try not to use a SMTP
server which is listed in a commonly used DNSBL, then I, in return,
will try to read messages arriving at my spam folder (now that
there are so few of them that I'm able to do that).

Moreover, if you send a message using a real smtp server, and its IP
is listed in a DNSBL I use, you will receive a message from
mailer-daemon saying so. This may and will surely happen, hopefully
not often, but IMHO it's better than the message arriving to a spam
folder which is so big that it will never be read.

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