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Re: local copies of libs

Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>> libavcodec had several vulnerabilities and without doubt it'll have more in
>> the next 30 months after Etch release. So it's absolutely necessary to
>> link dynamically. (Many do already, e.g. xine-lib).
>> I'll file RC bugs for any packages still embedding or link statically soon,
>> just haven't had the time yet.
> It would be very helpful from the ffmpeg side, if there finally was a
> real release, on which application could rely on binary/sourcelevel
> compatibility.
> See also http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/faq.html#SEC22 for reference

I know, I'm following ffmpeg upstream for a long time. But it's sufficient if
dynamic linking is ensured every 18 months for a the stable releases, if
you want to test stuff between releases feel free to link statically.

> Besides this, linking dynamically against ffmpeg results in loss of
> features and performance. At least I was told this by an ffmpeg developer.

The performance overhead should be negligable.


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