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Re: cmake build-depends

* Jean Parpaillon <artefact@altern.org> [2006-10-19 16:57]:

> I maintain the package wormux and my dear upstream devels decided to 
> switch from autotools to cmake, for the best and the worse.
> Are there people with experiences with it ? Maybe kde packagers are 
> already working on it ?

The vtk and octaviz pacakges use CMake.  I initially packaged octaviz for
Debian, which is now maintained by the Debian Octave group.  I do not
remember having troubles using CMake, although have been an Autotools addict
for years made me find CMake weird at first.

My understanding is that the CMake project is gaining a lot of momentum and
several free software project are switching or considering to switch from AT
to CMake.

A fellow has even proposed a cmake.mk file for use with CDBS:


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