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local copies of libs


since I often see that packages keep local copies of libs and use those, I 
kind of want to object to arguments for such build behaviour.

The latest one I found is xmms-wma: it uses a local stripped-down copy of 
ffmpeg's libavcodec and libavformat.

The given reasons are pretty much always the same. Here:
* linking this way uses less memory
- Well certainly if you only look at your own package. In combination with a 
program that links against libavcodec (4.5MB, probably the main reason for 
this argument), the combination consumes more memory.

Maybe such libs as libavcodec would benefit from a local split (one master lib 
with smaller codec libs and a lib with common routines) or a plugin 
mechanism. This would stop this non-sense of using local copies.

For some, the reason is acceptable, for some it isn't? So what makes it 
candidate for a bug report with a severity greater than wishlist?
What is the main opinion among Debian maintainers?


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