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Re: Debian cares more about documents than people

\ Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 04:42:27PM -0500, alfredo diega wrote:
> I just need to loose my pride and switch to Ubuntu.  I haven't and I know
> the LUG here will laugh at me and tell me "We told you so" but what you
> say is true.  Different goals.  What I was telling my friends was I wanted
> to use the best community distro based on free software out there.

It's an indispensable trait of community distros that problems get solved
when someone "scratches an itch" because they /need/ the problem to be
solved.  In either Ubuntu or in Debian there are certainly developers who
care about supporting as much hardware as possible, but none of them will
ever care about *your* computer as much as *you* do personally -- so the
truly great thing about community distros is that even if you're not a
programmer, you have more options than passively accepting the limitations
or switching distros: you can scratch your own itch by filing bug reports,
to help the developers help you.

> I thought it was Debian and maybe it still is but I guess I need to ask
> myself:  What is the best community distro based on free software that
> isn't so free that it doesn't work.  I guess that right now is Ubuntu.

Well, it's certainly the case that not everyone agrees with the particular
balance that Debian chooses between utility and freeness, but I also think
that some of the problems you're running into are simply bugs, not
ideological conflicts.  You may be right that this means Ubuntu is a better
fit for your needs than Debian is today, anyway; even in Free Software, "one
size fits all" doesn't always fit well, no matter how much we'd love for
everyone to be wearing Debian.

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