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Re: RFA libtorrent and rtorrent

>>>>> "Qingning" == Qingning Huo <qhuo@mayhq.co.uk> writes:

    Qingning> Because of recent changes  in my Real Life, I cannot spend
    Qingning> enough  time on libtorrent  and rtorrent as I  would like.
    Qingning>  Whoever want  to adopt  are  welcome to  take over  their
    Qingning> maintenance.  I would  recommend them be adopted together,
    Qingning> because  they are closely  related (same author),  and new
    Qingning> upstream versions are always released at the same time.


I'm interesting by  taking care of this package. Is  it still possible ?
Will you fill a RFA ?

Arnaud Fontaine 

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