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Debian cares more about documents than people

It really pains me to write this since I have used stable for a long time.
Unfortunately, I think you could use a wakeup call.

   Much of my hardware is never supported by you guys even though it is "free
enough" to be supported by the linux kernel and other community groups like
Ubuntu.  Dapper has supported all my hardware "out of the box" without third
party or unsupported stuff which are *really* nonfree.

   Even though Dapper's "out of the box software" is "free enough" to be able
to modify and redistribute, you guys still refuse to support much of it because
of some document, which I am beginning to believe you care more about than

   If you cared about people why would you not want them to be able to use
THE SOFTWARE*?  The real reason Ubuntu is more popular is somebody had the
ingenious idea that people should have software that works.  You have software
that doesn't work in that people can't use it, yet who cares about the people,
you have your documents which are more important. :)

  As for the documents, you pick and choose which ones to follow.  Like you
guys really pay attention to the social contract on these mailing lists?  I
think not.  Documents which force you to care about people(Social Contract)
you freely ignore whereas documents which get you out of supporting your users
hardware, you hold to.  Obviously, people are not what matter to you guys.

                        Alfredo Diega

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