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Re: Moving /var/run to a tmpfs?

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> Here is the list of packages in sarge with directories in /var/run/,
> according to the file on merkel:

I got the commands used by Andreas Metzler to extract packages in
sarge with files or directories in /var/run/, and ran the it on etch.
These are the 159 packages:

  anon-proxy aolserver4 apache2 asterisk autofs backuppc bacula bcron
  bincimap-run bind9 bindgraph binkd bld blootbot bnetd bopm bricolage
  caudium cfs cipe clamav courier courier-authlib couriergraph crack
  cupsys cyrus-imapd-2.2 cyrus21-imapd dancer-ircd dancer-services
  davfs2 dbus diald distmp3 dovecot dropbear echolot fai firebird2
  flumotion freeradius geneweb glibc gnue-appserver gnunet greylistd
  gsmlib hal havp heartbeat-2 hostapd hotplug hsqldb hula inn inn2
  ipband ipsec-tools iptraf ircd-hybrid ircd-irc2 ircd-ircu isdnutils
  ivman jabber jabber-common jftpgw john kannel kolab-cyrus-imapd
  laptop-net lastfmsubmitd libapache-mod-backhand libchipcard2 linesrv
  linuxlogo lyskom-server mailman mailscanner masqmail mgetty midentd
  mindi mixmaster mldonkey mobilemesh mon mtink munin mysql-dfsg-5.0
  nagios nagios2 ndtpd newsx nut oinkmaster oops openct openntpd
  openssh openssh-krb5 openswan p3scan peercast pipsecd polipo pootle
  portreserve pppconfig prelude-manager proftpd proxsmtp psad
  pure-ftpd pymsnt qpsmtpd quagga quickml radvd rageircd remote-tty
  roundup roxen4 runit runit-run runit-services samba samhain scanlogd
  screen sendmail siproxd slidentd slimp3 smokeping socklog spfmilter
  spong spread stunnel super sympa tenshi tetrinetx tiger torrus
  twoftpd uml-utilities usbmount userv util-vserver vde vpnc vsftpd
  wackamole whereami xsp yaws zabbix

Some of these will handle /var/run/ as a tmpfs.

I converted the commands to a script, in case you want to do this
analysis later.

cd /org/ftp.root/debian
zgrep ^Filename: dists/$dist/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz | \
  sed -e 's/^Filename: //' > $tmpdir/filenames.$dist.stable
for i in `cat $tmpdir/filenames.$dist.stable` ; do
  if nice -19 dpkg --contents $i | grep -q /var/run ; then
    echo $i
done > $tmpdir/contains_var_run.$dist
for i in `cat $tmpdir/contains_var_run.$dist`  ; do
  if nice -19 dpkg --contents $i | grep -q /var/run/. ; then
    echo $i
done > $tmpdir/contains_var_run.subdir.$dist

Petter Reinholdtsen

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