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Moving /var/run to a tmpfs?

It has been pointed out to me in  http://bugs.debian.org/387699
that syvinit is going to move /var/run to a tmpfs to solve a long-standing
issue, having some place to store state information before partitions
are checked and mounted. (I do not know how they are going to handle
the fact that /var/run is needed before /var is mounted, mount --move
requires kernel 2.6 afaict.)

This is nice, but is going to break packages that either ship a
subdirectory of /var/run in the deb or generate it once in
postinst and rely on its existence afterwards.

Contents*gz and therefore packages.d.o do not list (empty) directories
but only files, so I cannot yet say how many packages this is actually
going to break, I have listed those I found on my system in the
bug-report noted above.

The whole thing is grey territory in FHS, but still I tend to think
that sysvinit should somehow preserve the (empty) directory structure
of /var/run through reboots. Either by using some find+tar magic after
mounting /usr or by keeping /var/run a real directory and keep the
pre-mount stuff in /var/run/pre-mount. Other thoughts?

cu andreas
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