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Re: [Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Re: Moving /var/run to a tmpfs?

[Kurt Roeckx]
> I'm not really sure what the right thing to do is.  Maybe the FHS
> should be made clear on what you can expect from /var/run.

I believe it is quite clear that the sysadmin is allowed to use tmpfs
as /var/run/, and that packages which fail to support this has a bug.

To test the impact, I had a look at the packages installed on my test
machines, as well as some of the packages listed in the file on


  alsa-base 1.0.12-1: init.d script creates /var/run/alsa/
  apache2-common 2.0.55-4.2: init.d script creates /var/run/apache2/
  autofs 4.1.4-11: init.d script creates /var/run/autofs/
  cupsys 1.2.3-1: init.d script creates /var/run/cups/
  dbus 0.92-2: init.d script creates /var/run/dbus/
  dirmngr 0.9.6-1: init.d script creates /var/run/dirmngr
  hal /etc/dbus-1/event.d/20hal creates /var/run/hal/
  mpd 0.11.5-9: package no longer uses subdir in /var/run/
  openssh-server 4.3p2-3: init.d script creates /var/run/sshd/
  postgresql 7.5.21: package no longer uses subdir in /var/run/
  ssh 4.3p2-3: Just a dummy package

Not checked, missing or uninstallable in sid

  hotplug: /var/run/usb
  dbus-1: /var/run/dbus


  slapd 2.3.25-1: Uses /var/run/slapd/, but not sure if it creates it.

Need fix:

  pppconfig 2.3.14: /etc/ppp/ip-*.d/0dns-* expect /var/run/pppconfig to exist
  greylistd init.d expect /var/run/greylistd
  pident 3.0.19.ds1-1: store pid in /var/run/identd/ but is started via inetd!
  clamav-daemon 0.88.4-2: init.d script expect /var/run/clamav/
  crack-md5: Symlink /var/run/Crack/bin/debian, but nothing uses it?
  samba 3.0.23c-1: init.d script expect /var/run/samba/

> Anyway, it would be useful if you didn't have to login on merkel to
> be able to see your list.  I suggest you either submit those files
> to the BTS, or put it on people.debian.org or something.

Here is the list of packages in sarge with directories in /var/run/,
according to the file on merkel:

  alsa-base aolserver aolserver4 apache2-common asterisk autofs
  bacula-common bacula-director-common bacula-fd bacula-sd
  bincimap-run bind9 bindgraph binkd bld bnetd bopm caudium cfs
  chipcard-tools clamav-base courier-authdaemon courier-base
  courier-pcpcouriergraph crack crack-md5 cupsys cyrus21-common
  dancer-ircd dancer-services dbbalancer dbus-1 diald dirmngr distmp3
  dovecot-common dropbear echolot fai firebird2-server-common
  freeradius gnunet greylistd gwtp hal hostapd hotplug inn inn2 ipband
  iptraf ircd-hybrid ircd-irc2 ircd-ircu isdnlog jabber jabber-common
  jftpgw john laptop-net libapache-mod-backhand linesrv lwresd
  lyskom-server mailman mailscanner messagewall mgetty-fax midentd
  mindi mixmaster mobilemesh mon mtink munin munin-node mysql-server
  mysql-server-4.1 nagios-common ndtpd newsx nut oinkmaster openct
  openntpd p3scan pgpool pipsecd pkcipe polipo postgresql pppconfig
  proftpd proftpd-ldap proftpd-mysql proftpd-pgsql psad
  pure-ftpd-common quagga quickml racoon radvd roundup roxen4 runit
  runit-run samba samhain scalemail screen sendmail-bin siproxd slapd
  slidentd slimp3 smokeping socklog-run spong-client spong-server
  spread ssh ssh-krb5 stunnel super sympa tetrinetx tiger totd
  twoftpd-run uml-utilities usbmount userv util-vserver vpnc vsftpd
  wackamole whereami

Petter Reinholdtsen

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