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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

At the beginning of my comments, there has been a statement from Rudy: "We have no easy-way-to-get-it to tell people why they would want to use Debian. Ubuntu, on the other hand, has achieved to do so, and what they tell that we can't? nothing." and as his message continues (25.08.2006 00:51)

I have objected, that if viewed from angle of average-Joe-user, Debian lacks many things to compare with Ubuntu.

That's why I'm speaking entirely about the official Debian release, the Debian 3.1 Sarge. Besides, ordinary user, or enterprise, would not choose some "testing" distribution, and Etch is for the moment not intended for daily work; it is still in beta state and therefore intended only for testers that don't mind losing their data or so.

Whoever wants to use computer, not do hacking and testing, will reach for "stable" system. Comparing latest *stable* release of Debian with latest *stable* release of Ubuntu is therefore appropriate, like it or not. It's not fault of Ubuntu if the results are not too attractive for Sarge (note: Sarge! I don't compare Woody.) If Etch was claimed stable at the time, I would compare him, however he has some half year to go from now.


Martijn van Oosterhout  wrote / napísal(a):
On 8/28/06, Mgr. Peter Tuharsky <tuharsky@misbb.sk> wrote:
We're speaking about distributions that are intended for daily use, not
for experiments. To make it clear, Debian 3.1 Sarge and Ubuntu 6.06. If
the Etch has it, that's great. However that dosen't matter answering the
"Debian is at least as good as Ubuntu, just needs more advertising".
Would You advertise Etch? It is clearly advertised for Etch, that it is
in TESTING state. Would You recommend it everyone for daily usage? I
hope You'ld not.

Hmm, to me this sounds like this is just another way of saying that
Debian doesn't release fast enough. The fact is, sarge has been
released, whatever your complaining about is never going to be fixed
in sarge, so yes, you need to be comparing with Etch.

If you can say that there are problems with Etch, then we can address
those. complaining about Sarge is not terribly useful.

And yes, lots of people are running etch for daily usage. I don't
recommend anything to anyone, I just use what works...

A little paraphrase: "stable" means, that feature bugs are kept for the
whole release circle; don't expect them to get fixed."

Well, ofcourse. Otherwise it wouldn't be stable... Certain types of
bugs are fixed, but by and large, you're stuck with the bugs it was
released with...

Have a nice day,


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