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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

El día 24/08/2006 a 11:25 Michelle Konzack escribió...

> Am 2006-07-28 13:35:30, schrieb Katrina Jackson:
> > You say Ubuntu has better publicity, which it does.  But why is this the
> > case?  I know Mark has more money, but since you have so many programmers,
> He is Miliardaire (TV interview and his own words).
> > and seem so passionate about your OS, why aren't you as successful getting
> > publicity?  I'm not accusing anyone.  I guess I just really would like to
> > know:
> Do we need publicity of tens of million Euros?
> > A.)  Could Debian do anything to get better publicity and change people's
> > perceptions.  (For instance, if Debian is so more "well build" then Ubuntu
> > why don't the press keep mentioning this?
> Do you want to pay the making of such publicity?
> Ubuntu/Canonical is commercial while Debian is a volunter
> organization.

I do believe it's more a matter of relations with press and media than
budget. We have no easy-way-to-get-it to tell people why they would want to
use Debian. Ubuntu, on the other hand, has achieved to do so, and what they
tell that we can't? nothing. All what they advertise we do offer. But we
are not good on advertise our OS.

We need to tell people: Debian is fine for you because it allows you to
get your work done and be productive, whether you are an artist,
corporate employee, student, doctor, etc.

(I didn't mention computer savy people since we are well known there,
so why advertise for them, if we have an important "market share" on
that segment?).

That kind of advertisement, focusing on things that matter for people
more than specs and technical details, which are only interesting for
those who already in the computing area.
I know there is a subproject working on such things, which is great.

> > B.)  Why hasn't more been done?  Why isn't there any major reports by like
> > PC World which say "Ubuntu is top 100 products, but man if you want a better
> > distro, more well built etc.. you should check out Debian.
> Because Ubunto pay for ranking?  ;-)

No, I still believe we need more people and relations with press, and
not only the technical ones, we should advertise more our work and
good experiences like donzka, LinEx, and the others. Not only tell
ourselves: we know we are doing things better. We should tell it to
others too!


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