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[VAC] 3 months sailing through SE Asia

Hi all,

[sent to debian-devel since I'm not yet a DD]

I'll be away from the Internet for 3 months. I'll be on a research
vessel[1,2] sailing from Cairns, Australia. We will be stopping in
Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and I'll be getting off in Phuket,
Thailand (or maybe Singapore) in December. If any NMs/DDs want to do
key-signing, I'm flying to Cairns on September 4 and leaving Cairns
around September 20. I may or may not have net access in Cairns so
please mail me before the 4th. 

Most of my packages are co-maintained or probably won't require updates
before etch, however, please NMU if you think it is necessary for any
reason, especially for new upstream releases (I'm on LowThreshholdNmu).


      * gis: 
              * e00compr: won't need updates
              * mapserver: needs some work, much of that is just
                uploading SVN 
      * perl: libemail-date-perl, libemail-simple-creator-perl,
        libwww-topica-perl probably won't need updates
      * python: upstream is looking after urwid and templayer in the
        python-modules SVN repo 
      * flash: mtasc & flasm probably won't need updates 
      * fonts: ttf-khmeros & ttf-mph-2b-damase probably won't need
      * synfig[3]: package probably won't be in etch anyway, team is
        small, needs more ppl, both in debian and more importantly
        upstream, please see the recent meeting minutes[4] and proposed
        roadmap[5] if you want to help


      * helpdeco, xmms-midi: probably won't need updating 
      * mancala: probably won't need updates, this should be
        co-maintained by the games team really 
      * khmerconverter: probably won't need updating, perhaps
        debian-i18n folks could keep an eye on it. 
      * nsis: I found someone to take over it, but they seem to have
        changed their mind (no contact since the initial mails). nsis
        never was very portable, but it is getting better. Has an RC bug
        (FTBFS on 64-bit platforms) with a patch that upstream says just
        papers over the real issue. It probably never worked on 64-bit
        platforms, so it probably should be removed from them. Also has
        unaligned access issues. It is possible that upstream will
        release a version that fixes these issues before etch is
        released. I'm unlikely to have time to do anything on this
        before I leave.

     1. http://pcrf.org/rvh1a.jpg 
     2. http://pcrf.org/asta.html
     3. http://www.synfig.com/
     4. http://wiki.synfig.com/Meeting-2006-08-27
     5. http://wiki.synfig.com/Roadmap



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