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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas? Debian official "update sub-release"

* Mgr. Peter Tuharsky <tuharsky@misbb.sk> [2006-08-28 12:05]:

> To make the picture more complete, not only desktop needs current 
> software. The Debian on server lacks sometimes too.
> Few examples: PHP5, bunch of Clamav-related packages for proxy and mail 
> interaction, Squid3. They're in Etch, however if released as official 
> update of Debian, should do.

Clamav is in volatile, php5 in backports, haven't checked squid3.

> If "update release" of Debian has taken place only in half of the 
> regular update cycle (after 9 months), it would be of great help sometimes.
> Of course, some more recent kernel should take place there too.
Whoo no way! I don't want to updated my servers more than once 18-24
months. I don't need php5, specs says php4 and php5, squid does it's job
very good and clamav from volatile rounds the package up. 

You don't run a lot of servers if you want to update them more

yours Martin
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