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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

[sorry for the duplicate, but I want to fix the threading]

On Sun August 27 2006 18:55, David Nusinow wrote:
> Deferring to Ubuntu for this work is the worst sort of defeatist
> nonsense and I will not to bow to it. I like collaborating with the
> Ubuntu people, but I refuse to compromise my own work or Debian as a
> project just so that they can excel.

I think you missed the point, Ubuntu's work would then be part of Debian 
rather than superceding or conflicting with what Debian does. Instead 
of Debian annoying its users by adopting Ubuntu-like feature, or 
annoying Ubuntu by not doing so, everyone would be able to get what 
they want within a reusable framework.

Keep in mind that if Ubuntu is able to easily bend Debian to its will 
and create a top-notch desktop, anyone else can do it to... including 
Debian. No need to throw in the towel or compromise anything.

- Bruce

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