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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

On Sun August 27 2006 06:47, Sander Marechal wrote:
> Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> > It's all about expectations. Always keep in mind that the target
> > group differs a lot between Ubuntu and Debian.
> I wouldn't say they differ. Ubuntu targets only a small subset of
> Debian users. Maybe Debian should simply split the Desktop task in
> tasksel into two entries:

`Ubuntu users are a subset of Debian users'
Yes, because both, Debian targets all users and Ubuntu is a Debian user.
No, because Ubuntu clearly serves a group that Debian doesn't.

> * Desktop - basic: Simple minimal GNOME installation pretty much as
> it is now, maybe with even less software preinstalled. (I was
> surprised by the ammount of software that came along with it).
> * Desktop - stand alone: End-user desktop enviroment where we can
> safely add fancy integration tricks and extra components that Ubuntu
> does as well.

If by "we" you mean Debian... great success in that endeavour would 
essentially put Ubuntu out of business, I don't think that is what 
either wants.

Debian should provide the means for Ubuntu to add "fancy integration 
tricks and extra components" in a safe way. Technically, "the means" 
boils down to the infrastructure and abstractions needed to trivially 
fork a *Debian* package (rather than create an *Ubuntu* package.)

It would be really cool if Debian's "Ubuntu Desktop" task resulted in an 
Ubuntu Desktop system; an even better result would be a Debian system 
with the appropriate sources, pinnings, and configs needed to replicate 
an Ubuntu Desktop for just those things Ubuntu does differently. 
Ubuntu's installer would presumably result in a streamlined and focused 
system, while Debian would be capable of producing and managing a blend 
of Ubuntu's desktop, Whoever's server, whatever, etc., as required.

- Bruce

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