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Re: cdrtools

Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca> wrote:

> The GPL (section 3) does restrict distributions of binaries ("object
> code or executable form", to use the words of the GPL, to be more
> accurate, since the GPL only uses the term "binary" once, and only to
> refer to a completely different issue) and states that such binaries
> must be distributed under the terms of sections 1 and 2 (which seem to
> be the important parts of the GPL as far as Debian is concerned).

... please _read_ GPL §2, it talks about less code than GPL §3 does and
even a reference from GPL §3 to GPL §2 does not change things in GPL §2
and only the parts of the code mentioned in GPL §2 needs to be put under 

> > I did never claim that any possible combination of CDDL & GPL code is
> > permitted. ...
> Understood.  I think that we all agree that, say, taking code licensed
> under the CDDL and linking it to a GPLed library is not allowed.  (And
> we all agree that that is not the situation that we're talking about.)

ANd what I do: GPL code uses CDDL license seems to be accepted by e.g. Eben 


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