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Re: cdrtools

On 10742 March 1977, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> Both forbid to damage the reputation of the original author.

> Free software gives you the right to change software but free software 
> definitely does _not_ give you the right to use the originam _name_ of the 
> software in case you apply incompatible changes or in case that you introduce 
> bugs. The license is related to "urheberrecht", using the original name 
> of the software is related to trade mark right....

Oh god, Im so sick of all this cdrecord flaming.

So, how about the following (and please read it completly before you
answer, it contains multiple options):

- We go and take cdrecord and modify it with whatever we believe we may
  need *and*

  * remove your name completly from any output the programs give,
    and also mention that anyone who has problems has to contact us, not
    you. Your name stays in the source, of course.

  * or alternatively leave your name in the output, in a form similar to
    "this is based on *** originally written by ...." and then also
    mention to contact us for problems.

Now, the name for this. One could imagine a lot of things. There is a
possibility of naming it debian-burn, debianrecord or just
burntools. The names of the other included parts shouldnt change, ie it
should stay mkisofs and cdda2wav.

For the short term the package would mention in its description that its
based on cdrtools (and have a Provides: cdrtools in its technical part),
so we do not make too much problems for the next release, as thats
scheduled to be soon, after that release (schedule for december this
year) we could/would also drop that.

Future development should merge changes from you wherever possible and
also give back patches, if we have something you might be interested
in. What do you say, what name would not be ok in your opinion and which
of the two options should we take?

(Note that one of the first steps would be to remove the CDDL parts, as
- if you like it or not - the license is not compatible with GPL. Having
it approved by OSI is worth nothing, as not OSI is the standard we take
for inclusion into Debian, Debian itself (and basically the DFSG
together with a bit of common-sense) is.)

For all those interested in the Debian part of it when this starts
(Joerg, you can skip this):

I will open an alioth project for it, import the full source and start
with it. Anyone who wants to help is free to join.

bye Joerg
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